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ClearPlan Modeling is bridging the gap between the architect, homeowner, designer and builder, allowing problem solving BEFORE construction begins. Our Three Phase Process includes:
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In this initial phase, we exhaustively review the plan and project documentation          focusing on the structural and MEPS systems - everything behind the finishes.            Truly, the majority of time we spend during this phase is in reviewing one plan              detail against the others. Concurrently, we begin creating an as-built model                   (pre-built, really) of the project from the plans. Every plan page and every                      detail is reviewed and incorporated into this model, as they are presented in the          plans. During this process, questions, errors and omissions are discovered.             

Once we have completed our initial model and developed the list of questions and

potential issues, we work with the project’s design and construction teams in

reviewing and revising the details, resulting in better and more accurate

construction documentation. The model is also revised to reflect the results of

these discussions. We model the foundation, retaining walls, structural steel,

ductwork, plumbing, and more. Our team can show you not only how the home

will look but how to build it in a way that is clear and immediately understood by all.

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Once Phase 2 is completed, the model is a very accurate representation of what           will be the real world aspects of building the project. “Model the plans, build from        the model.” Every aspect of the construction assemblies can be dimensioned and        positioned in space on the project site. We provide consultation with the build              crews as well as very detailed assembly information at appropriate times during        the course of construction. We review and correct shop drawings using the model.

From finishes to construction assemblies and detailing, clash detection, and more—the ClearPlan Model is

the lens that provides the clarity of vision to all the stakeholders in the custom home project.

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