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On this page you can see some of the models we've created for projects. You are able to pan, zoom and move through this model, and look at the various assemblies that go behind the walls and how they fit within the structural elements. Use the "Tour" button to take you through a quick look through the models.

Models provide

  • owners with clarity, confidence and peace of mind

  • architects with the ultimate back check that systems and assemblies work within the architectural aesthetics, and early knowledge when they don't

  • for builders, they give the field staff a very clear vision of how the various aspects of the project fit together, significantly reducing errors and providing a means to speed up the construction schedule, saving a lot money in the process.

A 2014 report by AutoDesk notes that 30% of construction costs are related to correcting errors made in construction due to incomplete or inaccurate information contained within the plans.

These demonstration models may seem like mere pretty pictures, but be assured, they're not. There's a wealth of information contained within them, providing far better understanding of the project than plans alone can.

A current project we're modeling and consulting on. (Click the " Got it " button to load.)

This is the first model we created. We were building the project and, with the use of the model, were able to complete it with surprisingly few of the typical constructibility issues that normally arise.

A light bulb went on... and ClearPlan was conceived.

Another Strand Project

This project in Emerald Bay is one of the more intricate ones we've modeled.

A Laguna Beach project.

ClearPlan - taking the guesswork out of building your projects