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Robert McCarter, the principle behind ClearPlan Modeling, has over three decades of on-site experience in custom home building combined with advanced skills in 3D modeling software. He picked up many skills to help get the job of building the project done quicker and more efficiently, and one of those skills was CAD drafting. Being somewhat impatient, whenever he needed a new or revised detail for

a particular site condition, rather than wait for one from the architect, who always seemed too busy to react in the time frame required by the construction schedule, Bob would draft his own detail and send it over for review. Not only did this speed up the process, but it gave him the means to delve deep into the details of assemblies and finishes of the job. Ten years ago, Bob began learning 3D modeling software and created his first full model of a custom home(including all MEPS). Shortly after, the idea for ClearPlan Modeling was born.

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