Construction Modeling - Custom Home Construction in the 21st Century

What is “construction modeling”? You’ve seen the 3D renderings that your architects and designers use to help your clients visualize how the rooms and spaces in their homes will look, once completed. Imagine the project’s construction aspects shown the same way, as a dimensionally accurate 3D computer model to help you, the builder, understand at a glance the construction assemblies represented within the building plans.

Imagine being able to see how your various MEPS systems work their way through the structure of the house, and the impact they have on each other. Imagine being able to determine whether a particular structural detail will serve the architectural intent. Imagine knowing of the potential issues and conflicts lurking within the project’s plans and details before you break ground on the project. Imagine no more - construction modeling will save you significant money and time on your next project.

Conservative estimates of the savings to be realized by modeling a project are 5% - in commercial construction. Custom home construction is much more complex, and your savings can be at least that. What's the dollar amount of 5% of your next project's budget?

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