What is Virtual Construction?

While Building Information Modeling is making inroads throughout the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry industry, the custom home segment is barely now beginning to incorporate this new information technology into the design and construction process. ClearPlan’s aim is to change this by bringing this wealth of information, visually presented, to the benefit of the custom home project stakeholders.


Bob McCarter, the principle behind ClearPlan Modeling, has over three decades of on-site experience in custom home building combined with advanced skills in 3D modeling software. ClearPlan analyzes the project’s plans and details through this lens of experience and creates a dimensionally accurate three dimensional computer model which shows clearly the home and its major components, including civil, drainage, structural and MEPS. This is an intensive process as we carefully construct the model from the plans, details and knowledge of code requirements. During the modeling process, we discover areas of conflict between differing plan details and construction aspects and create an extensive and annotated list for the architect's, builder's and consultants' reference in correcting and clarifying conditions. We then work with these consultants in the resolution of these issues, in the model,  allowing the actual construction to be a much smoother process, saving the owner money and time.

If a picture, or set of plans, is worth a thousand words...

We stick with the stakeholders through the project's construction itself, working with the architect, the builder's field staff, vendors and project team in the implementation of information developed, reviewing changes and how they integrate with the structure and assemblies, and provide very clear course of construction detailing. While the architect and design team show what to build, with our detailing, we show exactly how to construct it.


With a model of the project, the construction schedule is sped up and costly errors can be avoided, allowing tremendous savings while helping to produce a higher quality home.

...a model is priceless

As Frank Lloyd Wright observed "You can use an eraser on a drafting table or a sledgehammer on the construction site." 3D modeling is the 21st century equivalent to that drafting table and eraser.