and Construction Modeling

for Custom Home Projects

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.


And for many years now, a two-dimensional drawing (with the occasional perspective view) has been the picture of choice for architects and designers to convey their ideas to their clients.

Images similar to this one:

We'd like to introduce a far superior way to get a sense of a room's designs and finishes - virtual reality.


This interactive image of the same kitchen provides a clarity of vision and understanding of the space and the selected finishes as it allows you to "look around" the room, far better than the static image above.

We can also provide you with an immersive VR experience using inexpensive VR goggles, to put you right in the room.


In addition to visualization services such as these, ClearPlan also provides virtual construction modeling to guide your builder in the construction of your home. By creating a virtual, 3D model of your home’s construction - structural, plumbing, mechanical, drainage, etc - we find the hidden, costly issues just waiting to become problems during the course of construction. Its not that your architect and consultants aren’t doing their jobs properly, or your builder is isn’t doing his due diligence. Custom home projects are enormously complex and, until now, it just wasn't possible to foresee every detail and assembly in advance of building it.


Think of it this way: every industry creates a prototype of whatever widget it is they will manufacture, just to work out the “bugs” before starting production. When building a custom home, the project is the prototype; so finding and correcting any issues occurs during the course of construction. But now, through the use of 3D modeling, we now have the ability to create that prototype and avoid those costly issues.

While building information modeling has yet to make significant inroads in the custom residential construction industry, on the commercial construction side, the use of BIM is providing extraordinary benefits to project owners. A 2014 report by AutoDesk noted a number of advantages through the use of BIM. ClearPlan Modeling is bringing those advantages to the custom home construction industry.

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A virtual construction model takes the guesswork out of building your home.