Avoiding uncomfortable conversations

How often do things like this happen on construction projects? Far too often, as we all know.

In this instance, the mechanical and structural plans were not cross checked. No one has time. And this embarrassing moment is the result.

Certainly some may think "we would have caught that". Maybe. All we know is this home, designed and being built by well known and regarded firms, was under construction and this issue had not been seen until we pointed it out.

This was but one of well over 200 potential issues, errors or omissions we documented on this project. Most of which, at the very least, would have caused a disruption in the schedule; some would have incurred significant costs to correct.

Issues such as this are an enormous waste of resources and result in cost overruns, schedule delays and aesthetic compromises. And they can be avoided.

Our unique combination of in the field experience and expertise with 3D software is how. Let us analyze your projects and we can show you what you really ought to know about them.