Custom home projects are enormously complex and difficult. Owners often have a tough time visualizing the spaces; architects cannot possibly anticipate every needed detail or foresee every conflict between the various components; designers struggle to present their vision in a clear manner to their clients; builders are always starved for the information they need to properly construct the assemblies and maintain the construction schedule. 


Enter ClearPlan - through the use of building information modeling combined with our decades of in-the-field experience, we are solving these issues and providing clarity of vision and understanding to all the stakeholders in a custom home project.


For builders , we provide accurate and detailed modeling of structural, MEPS, drainage, and other components and assemblies to guide your field crew in the construction of the project.


For architects , we provided unparalleled plan cross-check and validation ("constructability"), clash detection and issue resolution, as well as assembly details - the "how" to your "what".


For interior designers , with three-dimensional renderings, walk throughs and virtual reality, we provided immersive experiences for your clients ensuring common vision and understanding.


To owners , we provide an effective means to mitigate cost and scheduling overruns resulting from unclear or misunderstood detailing. 


BIM is the way of the future, and ClearPlan is providing the path to that future for the custom home building industry.