As an interior designer, one of the toughest things you face on every project is ensuring the client understands the vision you lay out for their project. Some of the hardest words to hear from a client are “I didn’t think it would look like that.” We hated hearing those words, and we come from a different discipline.


That disappointment, and potentially costly re-work, can be avoided. Working with your plans, ideas and direction, ClearPlan creates accurately modeled room interiors showing components, assemblies, finishes and furnishings. We can create walk throughs and scenes to guide your clients to a clear understanding of your design. With inexpensive virtual reality capabilities, we can immerse them in the rooms, where they can look around them and feel their surroundings. 


All of this translates to a fuller understanding of your designs for your clients, allowing you to get quicker approvals, fewer misconceptions and satisfied clients. With a lot less trouble on your part.


Let us show you how modeling your projects can elevate your design and presentation process.