3D Modeling for

Custom Home Builders




Chris - below are but a few images from projects and work we've done recently.

With ClearPlan Modeling, we provide general contractors engaged in building custom homes with BIM construction modeling of their projects, for clash detection as well as construction guidance. We are working from complete, if "flawed", set of plans, and so are not producing the typical architectural construction documentation; that's already been done. That said, as you know, Sketchup and Layout provide a fine means of producing such documentation. With the examples here you can see that we've both the construction knowledge and modeling skill to produce such documentation.

What you say in your email about "... need house concepts taken to construction documents.", raises a couple of questions:

  • are the "concept" plans coming from prospective homeowners, an architect, or?

  • somewhere along the path from concept to construction docs, who will be providing the structural and MEPS engineering? I am not an engineer, although I work with several good ones in southern California.

  • same question regarding civil plans.

I'd be happy to share a commission with you for whatever work comes to me through you. What percentage were you thinking?


Bob McCarter

(949) 438-6087


Some selected modeling and documentation we've created:

Overall view of recent project showing structure, grading, mechanical plumbing and other assemblies. We create the model based on plan set provided by architect. 

During the process of modeling, we note clashes and other issues between the assemblies and detailing. These are collated using PlanGrid.

Same image with different layers on / off. Since what we are mostly involved with is clash detection, we don't initially model windows or doors, only rough openings. We model walls as transparent in order to verify that columns are located within walls.

Below is an example of a sheet we put together to highlight for field crew the issues / clashes discovered during the course of modeling the project. We create a number of sheets like this for use by contractor's field staff.

Typical floorpan view created from the model (architectural page has been overlain).

Same floorpan but shown as perspective view with shadows.

Interiors, colored and in perspective:

Example detail, four views:

Spa, construction detailing:

More "traditional" plan done with 2D drafting software