We Turn your Home Building Plans Into an Exact Virtual Construction Model

Has your custom home project been "Cleared"?

ClearPlan takes the guesswork out of building your projects and allows you to identify problems BEFORE start of construction!

Saving you time and money.

Its affordable and the value you get by identifying problems BEFORE start of 

construction is priceless.


A virtual construction model that exactly represents the building the plans specify.

A clash report that gives you the snags you will encounter during construction.


  • gain a much clearer view of the structure and building assemblies than plans alone

  • a quick way to gain understanding of plan details and sections

  • ability to cut any section you want to see as well as details that are truly representative of actual conditions

  • issues that will arise during construction are discovered during modeling, allowing a resolution to be developed long before issue is encountered in the field

  • saves money

  • saves time

  • protects job momentum

  • will reduce extras in the field as subcontractors are better able to understand their scope of work by seeing it in the model

  • increases the builder’s professional image

  • makes for far more efficient construction progress

  • the model shows everything that needs to be considered in the construction

  • subs will know where and how their work has to go and how it integrates with the other trades

  • upcoming work can be better planned and executed by virtue of seeing it in the model

  • have piece of mind know your project will run smoothly

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