Setting up and using the Google Cardboard viewer:

The Google Cardboard viewer requires a smart phone and will work with either iPhone or Android.

Assemble the Google Cardboard. There are instructions inside and it will only take a few minutes.

Search for and download the app "Kubity" from either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Kubity app icon

Open the app on your smart phone, and you'll see this screen.

Tap the icon at the bottom middle of screen, which will open your phone's camera (give the app permission), and point the camera at this QR code.

Rotate your phone to landscape and tap the film icon.

This will download and open the sample model to your phone.

That will bring you to this view and start an animation taking you through a series of views of the living room, that kitchen, and the master bath.

Tapping the middle of the screen at any time will pause the animation. Another tap restarts it, but tap and leave it paused for now.

With the animation paused, tap the small "mask" icon on the screen.

Then, tap "Yes" at the screen asking "Do you have VR glasses..."

Which will then display this split screen (almost there!).

Place your phone into the Google Cardboard viewer and look around as if you are now in the room.

On the top of the Cardboard viewer, at your right index finger, is a cardboard "button". Pressing this will step you through a few sample scenes that we have set up. At each scene, you can look around as if you are standing there.

We hope you have found this demonstration an interesting and intriguing introduction to visualization.

Contact us and we'll be happy to show you much more.