Construction Prototyping for

Custom Home Builders

As a custom home builder, how often have you encountered a situation like this?

Too often, as we all know...

The cartoon is, of course, tongue in cheek. But, it parodies a situation that you, as the Builder, face all too often in the course of building your projects.


As we all know, plans and details for a custom home often have errors and omissions in them or details that don’t always describe conditions or assemblies correctly. It's not for lack of effort and due diligence on the architect's part - custom homes are just too complex for a typical set of plans and details to cover every possible condition.


And then there are little gems like this: "On-site verification of all conditions shall be the responsibility of the contractor. The contractor shall be held responsible for the results of any errors, discrepancies or omissions of which the contractor failed to notify the architect prior to construction." That puts the Builder in the hot seat, doesn't it?


As the Builder, you, your field staff and subcontractors are expected to discover these errors and omissions of the design consultants before they're built and bring them to the architect's attention for review and correction. But, you're out scrambling for more work, hand holding clients and trying your best to get out of that last project that went over budget and schedule, often because of those "errors and omissions". Consequently, these issues are often not discovered until money and time have already been spent constructing some assembly that must now be removed and replaced, to correct an inherent design deficiency or misunderstanding of how a particular detail is to be applied in a specific location. This often ends up costing you, your subcontractors and / or your client significant amounts of money and time. Encounter enough of these issues, and project momentum can be lost altogether, difficult to recover.


At ClearPlan, we're changing this process. With more than thirty years' field experience building custom homes, we have seen, and resolved, many construction issues like those you face almost daily on your projects. We found, not surprisingly in retrospect, that when modeling the structure and systems of the project, those very same hidden issues that we would have encountered during construction are right there in the model. The advantage is, finding these issues during the modeling process doesn’t cost money and time to correct, since the issues get resolved before construction. 


We are able to help the custom home builder gain a better understanding of the construction aspects of the project, resulting in a smoother construction schedule and significant savings by flagging potential issues long before they are in place problems.


Contact us to find out how we can revolutionize your field process before you break ground on your next project.

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